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For all the people who enjoy it with passion, "THE SHIPYARD" is not a place, not a physical entity, the worksite is an idea, a philosophy, a way of being. The man who lives the shipyard is a pratical person, pragmatic, precise with regard to timing schedules and decisions. He's constantly dreaming about new solutions, more and more important, but always with its feet on the ground. He loves cooperating with others, respecting everybody and the environment. With the PAULIN solutions, we want to be like you, the person who loves and lives the worksite; we want to support you with simple, practical and safe through years solutions, not too expensive and always respectful with regard to the human values and the surrounding environment. Sometimes the pragmatic man seems intransigent, because he relies on some central planks such as "processing times, safety, quality of the product, warranties, consumption and prices".