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Technical Mortars and Plasters

The vast Paulin range is able to respond to any restoration and substrate preparation, thanks to the development of products designed for specific problems both in the field of new constructions and in the restoration of old buildings. Based mainly on modified hydraulic binders, siliceous aggregates and additives, these products are divided into plasters, fillers, adhesives and special mortars. They fulfill numerous functions, including the reconstruction and rehabilitation of cement and concrete works, ensuring ease of processing and spreadability; allow the waterproofing of environments in continuous contact with water, preventing the disintegration of surfaces and the aggression of salts in the phenomena of ascent. Working closely with construction professionals allows Paulin to constantly monitor the problems encountered at each stage of the application cycle. In this way the products that are produced respond to specific technical requirements, whether they are destined for the restoration of the masonry, the reconstruction of the damaged parts, or the laying of the coverings and finishing. At every stage Paulin technical mortars guarantee quality results, with an aesthetic effect of incomparable value and the security of protecting the beauty of the facades and the entire building for a long time.

Technical Assistance and Training

A dedicated service and a widespread presence on the Italian territory allow Paulin to guarantee complete and continuous assistance to its customers, availing itself of technicians constantly updated, capable of responding with competence and professionalism to multiple requests. Courses, refresher sessions but also workshops: Paulin organizes training courses for resellers and professionals in the sector at its headquarters or at its customers, also based on specific requests, making use of company experts who they provide all the information needed to achieve maximum results at work. The main objective of these courses is the correct knowledge of the product by each individual operator who relies on the quality of the Paulin range. A TEAM ALWAYS AT YOUR DISPOSAL. Working in the field, side by side with the customer, according to his needs: the Paulin team is always available to solve any problems that may arise on the construction site, by preparing specific inspections with the aim of suggesting intervention cycles more suitable. Paulin also organizes scheduled coaching visits with the sales staff on the sites in the application phase, always in a complete training. Furthermore, due to the most common problems, customers, retailers, companies, designers and applicators have the “Problems & Solutions” volume at their disposal with guidelines for choosing the best application cycle.

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