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Waterproofing Liquid Sheaths

The problems related to insidious water infiltration inside the living areas are resolved with the use of suitable and innovative liquid and waterproofing sheaths.
These special building materials are specific and decisive solutions to make water-proof: terraces, roofs, balconies, swimming pools, cellars and underground rooms. The waterproofing sheaths are the optimal solution especially during the renovation and maintenance of the roofs.

The characteristics that make these building products highly performing are:
- The elasticity
- UV rays resistance
- Durability
- The absence of joints, overlaps and welds, which are weak points of discontinuity
- The ease and speed of application
- Excellent adherence to the support

For a correct waterproofing of the surface exposed to the elements, it is necessary to lay it in a workmanlike manner, anticipated by a verification of the substrate, which must be homogeneous and cohesive, suitable for the application of these new liquid and waterproofing sheaths.