Protective synthetic solvent-based varnish for wood

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  • Waxed solvent impregnator
  • Proctillegno Cerato satin finish

    Waxed solvent-based impregnating agent with a pleasing satin finish. Of notable transparency allows to enhance the grain of the wood leaving it unaltered l’ natural appearance.

    Use: For the decoration and protection of the wood from sunlight, from the 26-rsquo; humidity? and dell’ water. Contains special substances for the protection of the film from the 26-rsquo; destructive attack of mold and parasites

    Modeà d& # 39; use: Apply with a brush taking care to shake the product very well before applying it to redeploy any deposits. The wood, if new, must be sanded with fine abrasive paper in the direction of the grain; any enamels or paints must be completely removed with l’ use of appropriate means: if already? treated with impregnating agents: sand evenly.

    Dilution: Ready all’ use. Compatible with PINOSOLVE, mixable with PROCTILLEGNO.

    Recommended yield: 10-14 m2 / liter per coat. Apply one or two coats depending on the desired base and finish. Drying: Dust dry: 2-3 hours Dry to touch: 5-6 hours Deep: 24-36 hours

    PROCTILLEGNO CERATO PAULIN, Satin transparent impregnating-synthetic finish with excellent resistance to chalking based on modified alkyl resins, UV filters, waxes, and additives to protect the finish against fungi and parasites, to be applied to wood in one or more coats with a indicative yield of 10 - 14 square meters / liter per coat after preparation of the substrate.

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