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It's our first anniversary, the first seventy years of activity!

  • Since 1949

    Welcome to our world! This year is particularly special: we are proudly celebrating the first 70 years of our company's activity, a story made of work, passion and lots of enthusiasm. A seventy-years long journey, which gave us the possibility to become a main point of reference in the field.

    Sincere thanks to everybody who believed and still believes in our work.

    Courage, reliability and responsibility

    These are the main values in which the company believes, thanks to which we never fear future challenges, on the contrary, we enthusiastically wait for them. Always motivated and thrilled, we are constantly facing new strategies and developing new projects.

  • Our history since 1949

    We are a renowned point of reference in the field since 1949, with almost 70 years of experience, but we are still behaving and thinking as if we were a small, young start up, always motivated and enthusiastic while facing new challenges and developing innovative projects.


    We strongly believe that, nowadays, it is encouraging for every client to rely on a company which is characterized by these values.


    We are still a family-run reality on a human scale: that ensures valid answers and strong points of reference. Teaming up with all collaborators it’s a must for the company and that gives us always more strength.

    Our philosophy

    Our company philosophy puts the human being at the centre, whether collaborators, employees, customers and suppliers.

    Our mission

    Our mission is clear, but involves an exciting daily challenge: reaching the full client’s satisfaction!
    This is an amazing value for us, isn’t it?

    The company today

    How can be defined the Colorificio Paulin today? Between the various opinions, we currently hear that we are a complete company which can provide a rich range of products and create multiple resolving cycles.


    Basically, we are a sort of ALL IN ONE: you will find the answers to all your questions just referring to a single contact person. It should not be perceived as an end in itself slogan, but as a wonderful truth.


    Because the historical path which has led us to the ALL IN ONE has been developing step by step, product after product, cycle after cycle, gaining experience, crafting skills and culture with regard to every innovation we believed in.