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The best water-based varnish for interiors

The painting of the walls of the house is an important phase of the renovation: depending on the room to be painted we can choose a different type of plaster and varnish, to obtain the desired effect and more suited to our needs.

The characteristics of interior paints depend on the percentages of the various components that constitute them:

- The binder (vinyl-vatic, acrylic or styrene-acrylic type)
- The pigments, which give color
- The fillers, inorganic substances used as a filler, which make the mixture thicker
- The additives, which add special characteristics to the paint (make them breathable, anti-mold, washable, etc.)

The different relationships between the components combine to create paintings with more or less thick films, more or less elastic products, more or less covering, with a more or less opaque appearance. The aesthetic result we will obtain will depend on the type and quality of the chosen product. A covering paint, for example, particularly suitable for the living room or the bedroom, will require the drawing of a smaller number of hands and will give the walls a material appearance.

Here are the main types of interior emulsion paints:

Water-based traspirant varnish
The breathable paint lets the walls breathe, because it lets the air pass without condensation forming. It is particularly suitable in environments exposed to humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Washable Varnish
It is a painting with closed pores, equipped with an external film that protects it from water. Dense in appearance and very opaque, compared to breathable water-based paints it is more resistant to wear, more impermeable to steam and easy to clean. It can be used in almost all rooms of the house.

Superwashable Water-based Varnish
It has characteristics similar to the previous one, but it is more opaque thanks to the greater quantity of titanium dioxide it contains. In the event of stains, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Anti-mould Water-based Varnish
This type of painting is indicated in case of poorly ventilated or illuminated environments such as blind bathrooms and walls subject to mold and condensation. Its chemical composition favors the thermal balance between the wall and the external environment and prevents the formation of condensation. It is recommended to apply it after applying a detergent and bactericidal primer.