Antique mold-resistant siloxane coating

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  • Smooth Marmorino coating
  • Antique Silox marble effect coating

    Smooth-effect Marmorino water-repellent anti-mold anti-alga breathable coating for exteriors and interiors, based on emulsion siloxane resins, inorganic pigments and marble flours. Apply as it is, after applying Silox Primer, with a steel trowel in two or more? pass, polish with a clean trowel.

    To be applied with d&rsquo fracture, steel with an approximate yield of 1.0 kg / m2 in duo and more? hands.

    SILOX ANTICO PAULIN, Smooth Marmorino-effect coating resistant to mold and algae growth, for exteriors and interiors based on sansanic emulsion resins, inorganic pigments and marble flours, to be applied on cementitious plasters, bastard mortar, old paints in two or more hands with a steel trowel, with a consumption of about 1.0 Kg / m2.

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