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  • Universal Gripping

    UNIVERSAL GRIPPING is a technical adhesive primer that creates an "anchoring bridge" between common products (such as mortar, smoothing compounds, plasters, paint products, etc.) and difficult surfaces (such as glass, ceramic, PVC, galvanized sheet metal, etc.). UNIVERSAL GRIPPING adheres permanently to even the most difficult surfaces, creating a granular effect film that facilitates the application and mechanical anchoring of the overlaid products. - Excellent adhesion power on multiple surfaces; - Applicable with smoothing compounds, plasters, liquid waterproofing membranes, stucco, and/or finishing products; - Rough; - Available in white color. Intended uses: - As a separating layer between incompatible materials (e.g. application of cementitious products on gypsum-based surfaces); - As an anchoring bridge between difficult surfaces and subsequent applications of common materials; - For filling and leveling rough surfaces, ceramic tile joints, etc. Package sizes: 18 KG | 5 KG | 1 KG.

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