White lightened powder glue adhesive

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  • lightened powder glue adhesive
  • Glue with blown glass microspheres

    Special smoothing powder adhesive in light powder (with blown glass microspheres) with a coarse white color for external coatings. Mix with water 30-35 # 37, apply on concrete, bricks and cement plasters.

    Yield: 5-6 kg / m2 of finished coat

    Lightweight adhesive-based leveling mortar (with blown glass microspheres), in white powder, lightened LAMPOKAPPA with low thermal conductivity, consisting of modified hydraulic binders, granulometrically selected siliceous aggregates and special polymers with very high resistance to saponification to be mixed with 30-35 # 37 of water. Suitable for use as a glue-leveler in setting up the insulation insulation system and as a smoothing / leveling layer of good breathability both indoors and outdoors, even on plaster, as long as it is anchored and resistant.

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