Adhesive in organic fiber pasta

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  • Organic paste glue
  • Paste adhesive based on acrylic binders

    Glue in organic paste fiber-based based on acrylic binders, eleastomeric, suitable for l’ gluing of slabs for the coating system. Ready-to-use, apply on concrete, cement-based bricks and plasters, wooden supports and X-LAM and OSB wood materials.

    Yield: 1-1.5 kg / m2

    ELASTOCAPP PAULIN, single-component fiber-reinforced organic adhesive based on elastomeric acrylic binders in aqueous emulsion, carbonates and siliceous aggregates for planar, consistent, clean and perfectly dry supports. Suitable for bonding EPS sintered expanded polystyrene sheets, graphite-added polystyrene, XPS, cork, rock wool and polyurethane on concrete, cement-based plasters, wood substrates and X-Lam and OSB wood materials

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