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    Finishing paint, transparent UV, solvent-based for the protection and preservation of wood. It forms a protective film that guarantees extreme resistance to weathering and water for the wood.
    The presence of biocides preserves the dry film from biological attack by fungi and molds.
    The presence of a specific filter ensures excellent protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Applicable in two or more coats on low-absorbent wooden surfaces, it is also ideal for use as an exclusive finish after the application of PROCTILLEGNO wood impregnator.

    Available versions: GLOSSY | MATTE

    Available sizes: 2.5 L | 0.750 L

    Coverage per coat: 12-14 m²/L
    Interval between coats: 24 hours
    Touch dry: 18-24 hours
    Dilution: Ready to use

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