Insulating Panels

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Why using Paulin's insulating panels?

Also called "sandwich" panels, the insulating panels are building materials that can thermally and acoustically insulate interior environments. They are characterized by the presence of two external slabs, resistant and durable, in which the insulating material will be injected. The coating of insulating panels is often made of metal, wood or plasterboard, while the inner insulator, which can be injected in different thicknesses, is usually made of: foamed polyurethane or similar plastic material, wooden fibre, glass or rock, cork and paper.
The choice of the perfect panels depends on the use of the panel and the level of comfort we want to reach. The applicational ambiences, with regard to insulation, are: roofs and attics, walls and floors.

The main advantages are:

- impermeability, thermal and acoustic insulation
- lightness
- quick and easy application
- mechanical resistance, both for weather conditions and deterioration
- cheapness
- possible application during the restructuring phase of pre-existing buildings
- pleasant aesthetics, thanks to the wide range of external finishes