Smoothing adhesive in powder form for professional use

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  • Lampokappa R63

    Special adhesive-skim coat in powder with a fine civil finish for external coatings. Mix with 25 # 37 water, apply on concrete, bricks and cement plasters.

    Yield: 6-7 kg / m2 of finished coat

    LAMPOKAPPA R631 fine-grained adhesive-skim powder, consisting of modified hydraulic binders, granulometrically selected aggregates and special polymers with very high resistance to saponification to be mixed with approximately 25 # 37 of water. Suitable for 26-rsquo; use as a glue-skim coat in the installation of the insulation insulation system. European Technical Approval ETA 08/0354 (ETAG 004), thermal insulation coating cycle.

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