Fiber-reinforced thixotropic quick-setting polymer modified mortar

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  • Polymer modified mortar for concrete
  • Fast setting mortar Lampofast K633 / F

    Thixotropic, fiber-reinforced mortar, modified polymer with quick setting for the reconstruction of concrete works, such as the pillars and the reinforced concrete cover layer, deteriorated balconies and cornices. Composed of modified hydraulic binders, unsaponifiable synthetic fibers, granulometrically selected siliceous aggregates and special anti-shrinkage additives. Excellent thixotropy and easy workability, as well as excellent adhesion on iron.

    Mix with 17 - 19 # 37 d’ water (one pack of LAMPOFAST K633 / F “ kg 22” with approximately 3.7 - 4.2 l of clean water) until to obtain a homogeneous paste to be used within about 5’ at 20° C. Apply the mortar in successive layers fresh on fresh. Even for very high thicknesses, formwork and reinforcement mesh is not necessary.

    Theoretical consumption: approximately 16-17 kg of powder / m2 per cm of thickness

    Coverage: 1.6-1.7 kg powder / m2 per mm of thickness



    Round the corners with the use of LAMPOFAST K633 / F brorinforced THIXOTROPIC mortar, quick setting modified polymer.

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