Passivating grout for the protection of reinforcement bars

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  • Professional passivating grout
  • Malta Lampoprimer P613

    Passivating grout based on modified hydraulic binders, resins and additives used to protect the reinforcement rods from the 26-rsquo; attack of chemical agents. Excellent both l’ adhesion and passivation of iron.

    Mix with 25 - 30 # 37 of water (a pack of LAMPOPRIMER P613 “ 5” with 1,250 - 1,500 l of water) until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Apply with a brush on the rebars so as to cover them completely.

    Yield: 50 g / ml

    Passivating for reinforcement rods LAMPOPRIMER P613 based on modified hydraulic binders, siliceous aggregates and special additives suitable for restoring reinforced concrete to be applied as a grout on the irons restored to white with consumption of about 50 gr. per linear meter.

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