One-component acrylic anticorrosive for do-it-yourself use

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  • One-component anticorrosive primer
  • Solvent-based anticorrosive primer

    One-component acrylic anticorrosive primer based on acrylic resins, titanium dioxide, anticorrosive pigments, micronized fillers, additives. Equipped with excellent anticorrosive power and adhesion characteristics on the most varied substrates.

    Dilute with Universal Thinner DL 600 5 # 37 max for brush and roller applications

    Coverage: 7/8 m2 / l per coat

    ZINCOLAC PRIMER PAULIN, anticorrosive primer and adhesion promoter, single component, based on acrylic resins, anticorrosive pigments, titanium dioxide, micronized fillers, additives. Suitable for Iron, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron, Steel, Plastic, to be applied in one or more coats with an approximate coverage of 8 - 10 sqm / liter per coat.

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