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    Glossy spatula finish for decoration and / or l’ interior furnishing, where the aesthetic and chromatic characteristics made with the techniques of the ancient Venetian and Florentine decorators are required. For these reasons, and for the possibility? to be realized, on any type of support, and? particularly suitable for decorating and / or furnishing prestigious premises, reproducing the splendor of the marble from Renaissance Florence and the Venetian Republic.

    DOGE PAULIN, self-polishing Venetian plaster made up of very fine aggregates, synthetic resins and vegetable oils to be applied in two or three coats with a total consumption of about 0.800 Kg / m2 per 250 micron dry. Suitable for use on cementitious and / or lime-based plasters, plaster, plasterboard and wood after preparation of the substrate.

    Doge application

    Apply a first layer of DOGE of the desired color with a steel trowel, as per the product data sheet, so as to obtain a uniform surface. After 12 hours, proceed with a careful sandpapering with 320-grit sandpaper to remove all imperfections. Apply the following layers with a spatula having rounded corners and edges, in a regular or irregular manner based on the desired 26-rsquo; aesthetic effect and taking care to remove l’ excess deposited material. Smooth the surface with a stainless steel trowel or trowel until the desired degree of gloss is achieved.

    Consumption approx. 0.800 Kg / m2.


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