Anti-mold anti-mold veiled finish

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  • Antiquing anti-mold finish
  • Mild breathable anti-mold finish

    Veiled finish for exteriors, anti-mold and anti-algae, breathable and water repellent based on emulsion siloxane resins, light-resistant pigments, micronized quartz and carbonates, additives.

    Dilute with water 25 # 37, apply in a single coat on appropriate preparation of the base.

    Yield: 13 m2 / l

    Transpirable, water repellent, resistant to mold and algae growth, SILOX-VEL based on siloxanes in aqueous emulsion, light-resistant pigments, micronized quartz and carbonates and additives, to be applied on siloxane-based paints or thick coatings, silicates or synthetic resins with a consumption of 13 m2 / liter. Conforms to EN 15457 (resistance to fungi growth) and EN 15458 (resistance to algae growth).

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