UNIGUM® fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane

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  • UNIGUM® fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane

    UNIGUM® è a fiber- reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane ideal for flat and pitched roofs, applicable on bituminous membranes and external surfaces in general. UNIGUM® è flexible, resistant to UV rays, atmospheric agents and è walkable on an occasional basis.

    È also available in the four colors gray, red, green and white.

    -  Good elasticityà
    -  Waterproofs and protects over time
    -  Waterproofingà all’ water
    -  Excellent adhesion on different materials
    -  Multipurpose: waterproofs, protects, seals and glues
    -  Easy to apply.

    Minimum 1 kg / m²
    Maximum 400 g / m² by hand 


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