Impregnating agent with a pearl effect based on siloxanes

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  • Professional impregnating
  • Professional impregnating

    Impregnating with non-film-forming pearly effect for all&rsquo wall surfaces; external based on siloxanes as solvent vehicle. Apply as it is on concrete, cement-based plasters, bricks, stones, etc. in two or three hands until saturation.

    Yield: 10-15 m2 / l per coat


    Impregnating with non-film-forming pearly effect, HYDROMUR PAULIN, based on siloxanes as a solvent vehicle for the protective treatment of concrete, lime and lime concrete surfaces, facing bricks, absorbent stones, lime finishes to be applied in 2-3 fresh coats su fresco with a yield of 10 – 15 m2 / Liter Conforms to the 1504-2: 2005 Standard (concrete surface protection systems) for the class: hydrophobic impregnation (H) according to the principles 1.1 (protection against penetration risks), 2.1 (control of the 26- rsquo; humidità), 8.1 (increase in resistanceà) attestation criterion 4, table ZA.3f.

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