High coverage water paint for Floral interiors

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  • Floral base colors with high coloring power
  • Water-based paint for interior Floral base colors

    Dilute with water 25-40 # 37, apply in two coats on plaster, plaster and plasterboard. Strong coloring power for internal use, è suitable for DIY.

    Yield: 9-11 m2 / l per coat

    Washability? Class 1 - Class 2 coverage

    Supply and installation of FLORAL TINTA BASE of Colorificio Paulin, super-washable wall paint in base colors with high coverage and strong coloring power for interiors, vinyl-based based in aqueous emulsion, dyes, micronized charges and additives, to be applied in two coats with an indicative yield of 8 10 square meters / liter per coat. Application and characteristics according to technical data sheet. Drawing up by brush, roller, spray, according to technical scene, every burden included to give a finished work in a workmanlike manner.

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