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  • Acryloxane coating
  • Diffusive mold resistant synthetic paint

    Diffusive anti-mold and anti-algae synthetic paint based on acryl-siloxanes, light-resistant pigments, quartz and micronized carbonates, specific for the decoration of renovations performed with the PAULIN RIXANA dehumidifying cycle, to be applied in two coats with an approximate yield of 8 - 10 m2 / l per coat. Conforms to Standards: EN 15457-10 (resistance to fungi growth) EN 15458-10 (resistance to algae growth)

    Once the restoration has been completed, SANOFINISH siloxane finish is applied. Acryl-siloxane diffusive finish, added with anti-mold and anti-algae, for dehumidification interventions, excellent breathability. Conforms to Standards EN 15457 (resistance to growth of fungi) and EN 15458 (resistance to growth of algae).

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