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Siloxanes are binders that give the support BREATHABILITY and HYDROREPELLENCY, important and apparently opposite physical characteristics which, together with the adhesion capacity and mechanical resistance, protect the masonry from the action of atmospheric agents and reduce thermal bridges. The facades coated with siloxane resin-based products make the dirt gliding down their surfaces, in fact it will slip away with the water drops.

This is why the siloxane-based products can effectively and innovatively solve problems caused by humidity and rain on walls, such as deterioration of materials and colors, infiltrations and mold growth. They can also maintain their characteristics unchanged over time and are extremely resistant to UV rays.

The power of the siloxane finishes depends on the synergistic action of the particular resins they have been made with, which can be obtained by the polymerization of silica, a very common and natural mineral. The peculiarity of these resins is that they create a network of molecules with a stable and porous structure, formed by capillaries and water-repellent pores that allow the passage of steam towards the outside and at the same time prevent the penetration of water, protecting the masonry by the moisture.

The breathability

Breathability is the ability of some materials to let the indoor water vapours float outside the masonry, thus allowing the coating to dry and preventing the formation of mold. In the Künzel's theory this characteristic is defined as "Resistance to vapor diffusion" and is represented by the diffusion coefficient μ.

Water Repellency

On the other hand, the water repellency is the resistance of the masonry to the passage of water from the outdoor to the indoor, caused by atmospheric agents. Again according to the Künzel's theory, a coating or a paint that represents a perfect relationship between breathability (typical of mineral paints) and water repellency (typical of synthetic paints) is defined as optimal.



    Thanks to the water-repellent property of siloxane resins, the facades treated with Acril-siloxane are very resistant to atmospheric agents. In fact, the Acril-siloxane collection eliminates the problem of water and moisture infiltration which in winter can cause crumbling and chalking for the formation of ice crystals in the plaster. At the same time, the internal water vapor can easily float outside, avoiding the formation of mold and the growth of micro-organisms which can be dangerous for the integrity of the walls. All this also contributes to a perfect insulation.


    The water repellency of Acryl-siloxanes does not allow dirt to cling to the plaster, which will be cleaned by the first passage of water. Rain becomes very important in order to eliminate smog and dust particles and preserve the beauty of the treated buildings. The characteristics of these finishes make it possible to maintain the brightness of the colors for a long time, with a remarkable resistance also to UV rays.


    The siloxane finishes can be quickly applied and easily adapt to any wall support treated with Primer S. Perfect to achieve optimal results even in the case of severe weather conditions, the Acril-siloxane products allow to obtain a covering and homogeneous effect, with a mineral appearance, opaque in order to highlight the intensity of colors.