Nanotechnological self-cleaning siloxane micro-coating

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  • Breathable anti-mold nanotechnological coating
  • Breathable and water-repellent nanotechnological coating

    Self-cleaning wall finish based on nanotechnology. Breathable, water-repellent, resistant to the growth of mold and algae, based on siloxane / acrylate, nanosilica, lightfast pigments, lamellar fillers, siliceous aggregates, anti-mold and anti-algae biocides for the preservation of the dry film.

    Compliant with standards: EN 15457-10 (resistance to fungal growth). EN 15458-10 (resistance to algae growth). Dilute 10-20 # 37 with water, apply in two coats for cementitious plasters and concrete, after a coat of Silox Primer.

    Coverage: 8-10 m2 / l per coat

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