Seven it's an extremely versatile product which can be used for multiple applications during the Paulin's recovering cycles, as a primer for the superimposition of the following layers. We are talking about a uniforming base made of elasto-siloxanic resins for indoor and outdoor uses, which can cover every plaster's imperfection, fill micro-cracks and smooth the surfaces. The ingredients and composition give to this peculiar product precise features, such as water-repellence, which is so important when we have to protect surfaces from the erosive action of dampness. In the covering cyles with synthetic resins, Seven lets you enjoy the best aesthetic finish before the application of the water-based paints: it's the perfect product in order to uniforme ruined walls thanks to its high covering power. At the same time, it's the ideal product to be used as a base for cloudy sponge trowel works with Silox Vel.


Seven's versatility is also expressed by its suitability and perfect grip on lots of different materials, such as plasterboard, gauged mortar plaster and old plaster, even if they have been previously varnished. Before the application, it's important to clean deeply the concerned surface, removing eventual mould, dust, grease and release agents. If thick enough, the plasterboard does not need any kind of fixing primer, while the rough bare plaster, which can show some absorbing differences, must be scourted and treated with a solvent primer ISOMUR or FIXACRIL. In case of wall surfaces with cracks, they must be opened and sealed with SIGILUM. Once done, Seven can be applied as a base with a paint roller or a brus; if used as a smoothing layer, while it has to be applied with a steel plastering trowel and smoothly trowelled for a uniform surface. It can be cloudly varnished with water-based, vinylic, acrylic and siloxanic products.


The percentage of total dissolved solids in Seven makes it perfect in order to hide small imperfections of the support, covering and filling the micro-cracks caused by the plastic shrinkage during the setting phase. It can be applied on wide surfaces with a trowel, both indoor and outdoor, with an extra-smoothing effect and a high-coverage power free from smears. Seven has a great filling power, which conforms the texture of various types of supports, making at the same time easier the application of the following layers. This product can cover cracks deep up to 300 - 400 micron. In this way, it's possible to create a plain effect, homogeneous also for the application of paints. Seven let you conform different surfaces, such as plasterboard and plaster, with a high-coverage effect, uniform and matte. Thanks to its siloxanic- and elastomeric-based resins, which favours stickness and adhesion, Seven gives more strength and compactness of weak supports. In other cycles, in which are concerned different products, Seven sticks to the support with the proper gripping power.