External and internal primer based on elastomeric and siloxane resins.

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    Seven e? an extremely versatile product that finds multiple applications in the Paulin restoration cycles, in preparation for the 26-rsquo application of the different layers. It is a uniforming primer based on elastomeric and siloxane resins for external and internal uses, able to mask any defect in the plaster, both as a filler for filling micro-cracks and as a skim coat. Its composition gives it precise characteristics of water repellency, important for protecting the surfaces from the 26-erosive attack of the 26-rsquo; humidityà ;. In the coating cycles based on synthetic resins, Seven allows a better aesthetic finish before the application of water-based paints, proving to be an excellent product to even out irregular surfaces thanks to its high masking value. In the same way, it is an ideal solution as a primer for the glazes with a sponge float on civil surfaces to be executed with Silox Vel.

    Treatment of entire surfaces with SEVEN PAULIN, Primer for exteriors and interiors based on elastomeric and siloxane acrylic resins, inorganic pigments, micronized charges and marble with a maximum granulometry of 0.5 mm, usable as a skim coat for imperfections up to 1 mm with a consumption of 1.5 liters / m, as a uniforming primer with a yield of 4 5 m / liter in one coat. Can he? be overpainted with vinyl, acrylic and siloxane paints from the PAULIN range.

    Technical features

    FILLER: Dry residue 75 # 37 ± 3

    BREATHABLE: Permeability? steamed d’ water Sd: (EN ISO 7783-2) < 0.5 m (V2-medium) thickness 0.5 mm

    WATER-REPELLENT: Absorption d’ water (EN 1062-3) < 0.1 Kg / m2 x h0.5 (W3 - low)

    CIVIL FINISH: Maximum particle size 0.5 mm

    OPACITY ?: < 5 gloss at 85°

    WHITE POINT: Y = 88 ± 0.05

    PLURIAPPLICABLE: Brush, roller, trowel, spray

    YIELD: 4 - 5 m2 / l per coat as uniforming 1.5 m2 / l per coat as a skim coat

    Smoothing base

    Stucca: L’ high percentage of fixed residue of Seven allows to hide the small imperfections of the support, filling and filling the micro-cracks caused by plastic shrinkage during the setting phase.

    Rasa: Applied as a trowel, can you? be laid on large surfaces, both external and internal, with a masking effect that covers cracks and imperfections, for a smooth shaving.

    Level: Seven has a high degree of filling which makes it possible to uniform the grain of supports of different composition, making it more? simple and easy l’ application of subsequent layers.

    Uniform: Allows you to mask irregular surfaces up to 300 - 400 meters Do you create this? a full effect that does not create inhomogeneity? also for the subsequent application of painting.

    Garment: Seven makes it possible to uniform different surfaces like plasterboard and plaster, with a covering effect, uniform and opaque.

    Consolida: Thanks to its composition based on elastomeric and siloxane resins that favor the grip and l’ adhesion, Seven gives greater stability? and compactness to weak supports.

    Link: In the cycles in which products of different types are used, Seven adheres to the support creating l’ correct adherence between the various supports.


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