Aqueous solution for the treatment of mold and algae

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  • Aqueous anti-mold solution
  • Aqueous solution for mold and algae treatment

    Aqueous solution composed of hydrophobic additives and broad spectrum substances specific for the treatment of mold and algae. To be used in conjunction with COMBAT PLUS SOLUTION.

    Yield: 10 m2 / l

    Cleaning of all external surfaces (even those not contaminated) with COMBAT SOLUTION. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly with a low pressure cleaner in order to completely eliminate all traces of the treatment and allow to dry perfectly. Foam is generated during rinsing, continue washing until it disappears. Sterilizing treatment of all external surfaces (even non-contaminated ones) with BIOCID PLUS algaecide and fungicide solutions, applied with a refusal brush that deeply inertizes the fungus and hydrophobizes the capillarity of the existing finish.

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