Anti-salt grout for dehumidified plasters

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  • Dehumidifying anti-salt slurry
  • Anti-salt grout for plasters

    Anti-salt grout and bonding base used in the phenomena of capillary rising damp for the preparation of brick, stone, tuff or mixed substrates, before the application of Paulinsana Rinzaffo. It is composed of modified hydraulic binders, siliceous aggregates, special additives that give a’ excellent breathability and resistance to salts.

    It is applied in two coats by brush, with a consumption of about 4 - 5 kg / m2.

    Mix with water 24 # 37, apply on mixed masonry, brick or stone.

    Coverage: 4-5 kg / m2 in two coats


    LAMPOSAL K610, preparation anti-salt grout for the dehumidifying cycle PAULINRIXANA INTO K670, based on modified hydraulic binders, granulometrically selected siliceous aggregates, special additives, suitable for use on masonry damaged by capillary rising damp, in brick, stone or mixed, having a consumption of about 4 - 5 kg / m2. Also suitable for internal and external rigid surface waterproofing interventions as long as it is added in the mixing phase with a LAMPOLAT / WATER mixture in a weight ratio of 1: 4

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