Manutenzione e ripristino del sistema a cappotto: ETICS REPAIRS

The Exterior Insulation Finishing System (internationally ETICS, External Thermal Insulation Composite System) it's a fundamental insulating system: nowadays it is common to choose this solution in order to make our buildings thermally and acoustically safe. In Italy, the ETICS system has been in vogue for almost 40 years. The success and the advantages, both from the economical and practical point of view, are now consolidated and the reliability of ETICS has been widely demonstrated. However, must be clear the fact that, as every kind of system for external walls, also the ETICS needs periodical maintenance, in particular when this kind of solution was not realized in a workmanlike manner: through years, it can show cracks, panels' bulging, bubbles on the coating or, by simply counting, the appearence of algae and mold. Colorificio Paulin, drawing on its own experience, have studied some special cycles of intervention, called PAULIN ETICS REPAIRS, which give the possibility to solve the most common system's issues.