Water-based acrylic-urethane enamel, extremely resistant to scratches, dirt and greasy substances

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  • URETHANE®H2O | Acrylic versatility and polyurethane resistance

    Thanks to its specific formulation based on Acrylic and Polyurethane resins, URETHANE® H2O manages to combine an extreme versatility of use that makes it easy to apply on multiple surfaces, with unparalleled performance in terms of resistance to dirt, grease, scratches, and degradation. URETHANE® H2O, applicable both indoors and outdoors, is the best solution for the protection and decoration of doors, windows, shutters, furniture, wooden structures, and more in general for all artifacts subject to constant wear and tear. URETHANE® H2O complies with the HACCP protocol and is therefore suitable for painting surfaces in controlled hygiene environments. Available in over 4,000 colors, in three versions of brilliance: GLOSS | SATIN | MATTE. Coverage: 12-14 m2/l per coat. Sizes: 2.5 L | 0.750 L | 0.375 L (white).

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