Satin water-based enamel based on urethane alkyd resins

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  • Satin urethane enamel
  • Water-based urethane enamel

    All&rsquo enamel, satin water based on urethane alkyd resins. Odorless, resistant to blocking and abrasion, very high coverage and expansion. Exceptional resistance to washing. Brushes and roller max 5 # 37. To spray dilute with water until 20 # 37, apply in two hands on wood, iron.

    Yield: 8-10 m2 / l per coat

    PAULIN SATIN-FINISH URETANIC ENAMEL Satin enamel based on alkyd-urethane resins suitable for wood, rust-treated iron, galvanized iron and plastic materials after applying UNIVERSAL ALL WATER to be applied, after preparation of the substrate, with a yield of 8-10 m2 / liter per coat for a thickness of 30 - 50 microns according to the color.

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