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  • Non-toxic red epoxy enamel
  • Red non-toxic epoxy enamel

    Non-toxic Epoxy Enamel without two-component solvents. The product is? suitable for the 26-rsquo; use for food contact in compliance? to the DM 21/03/73 and successive modifications. In particular, the following references were used: DM 227 dated 04/05/2006, DM 299 dated 22/012/2005, DM 123 of 28/03/2003, DM 735 of 10/28/1994, DM 220 of 26 / 04/1993, Ministerial Decree 408 of 10/30/91. The release tests were carried out with demineralized water (simulant A), with acetic acid 3 # 37 (simulant B) and with ethyl alcohol at 15 # 37 (simulant C). It is supplied in two separate packages to be mixed before 26-rsquo; use already? in calculated weight ratios.

    Mix 3 parts of component “ A” and 1 part of “ B”, apply in one or two coats on concrete, iron and cementitious plasters.

    Yield: 3 m2 / kg per coat

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