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  • Super washable DIY water-based paint
  • Matt 2.0 Free water-based paint

    Super-washable wall paint, very opaque and opaque, contains acrylic copolymers, pigments and micronized fillers and additives. Suitable for professional use, to be diluted with water 20-30 # 37 and applied in two coats on plasters, gypsum and plasterboard.

    Coverage: 10-12 m2 / l per coat

    Washability Class 1 - Coverage class 1 - Very opaque opacity

    Supply and installation of MATT 2.0 FREE from Colorificio Paulin, super washable water-based paint for interiors and exteriors free from plasticizers, coalescents and formaldehyde. Based on acrylic copolymers, titanium dioxide, micronized charges and additives, to be applied in two coats with an approximate yield of 10 – 12 sqm / liter per coat. Application and characteristics according to the technical data sheet. Emission of volatile substances: class A. EN13300 classification: Resistance to brushing < 5 μ m 2 (Class 1); Coverage > 99.5 for 5 m / l (Class 1). All charges included to give a finished work in accordance with the rules of art.

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