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  • Termocasa anti-mold thermal water paint
  • Anti-mold interior water paint with hollow glass microbubbles

    Based on vinylversatate in aqueous emulsion, titanium dioxide, micronized charges, hollow glass microbubbles. Conforms to EN 15457, anti-mold, anti-condensation, heat-insulating and sound-absorbing.

    Dilute with water 5-20 # 37, apply in two or three coats, for cementitious plaster and plaster, plasterboard.

    Yield: 8-10 m2 / l per coat /

    Washability? Class 3 - Class 3 coverage


    Supply and installation of TERMOCASA of Colorificio Paulin, internal anti-condensation water-based paint, heat-insulating, resistant to mold growth, vinyl-based based in aqueous emulsion, titanium dioxide, micronized charges, hollow microbubbles and anti-mold biocides for the preservation of dry film to be applied in two coats with an approximate yield of 3 10 sqm / liter per coat. Application and characteristics according to technical data sheet. Conforms to EN 15457 (resistance to fungus growth). EN13300 CLASSIFICATION: Resistance to brushing <40? M (Class 3); Coverage> 96 2 for 5 m / l (Class 3). Every burden included to give a finished work of art.

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