Transparent finish for wood with UV filter

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  • Water-based impregnating agent for wood
  • Transparent finish for wood

    All&rsquo glossy glossy finish; water for wood based on emulsion acrylic resins. Contains a UV filter and a modified binder with synthetic waxes for a total protection all’ external. Apply as it is in two coats on wood pre-treated with impregnated.

    Yield: 12-13 m2 / l per coat

    FLATTING ALL WATER GLOSS PAULIN, Water-based glossy transparent finish for wood based on acrylic resins in emulsion containing UV filter and biocides for the preservation of the dry film from the growth of fungi, to be applied in one or more coats with an indicative yield of 12 - 13 sqm / liter per coat after preparation of the fund.

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