Protective and decorative solvent-based varnish for wood

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  • Colored transparent impregnating Proctillegno
  • Proctillegno available in the colors of the folder

    Colored transparent protective varnish with high impregnation power of the wood to which it ensures an effective and lasting protection while leaving it in its natural appearance.

    Use: For the coloring and protection of the wood from the sun's rays, from the 26-rsquo; humidity ?, from’ water and in general from the typical aggressions of the 26-rsquo; external exposure.

    Modeà d& # 39; use: Apply with a brush or immersion, taking care to shake the product very well before the 26-rsquo; application to re-disperse any possible deposits. New wood: perfectly dry and seasoned. Wood already? painted: mechanically remove old pre-existing paints or enamels by sanding. For an effective impregnation we recommend the second coat before the product is completely dry (12-24 hours).

    Recommended yield: 10-14 m2 / liter per coat.

    Drying A 20° C: Dust dry: 2-3 hours. Out of touch: 5-6 hours. Total: 24-36 hours.

    PROCTILLEGNO PAULIN, Transparent colored protective impregnating agent based on alkyd resins, linseed oil, additives for preserving the finish to be applied in one or more coats with an approximate yield of 10-14 m2 / liter per coat after preparation of the substrate.

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