Eta 08/0354 certified coating (ETAG 004)

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  • Siloxane coating with constant grain size 1.5 mm
  • Silox coat 150 finish

    Shaved microfiber wall covering with tonachino effect for exteriors, consisting of siloxane resins in emulsion, lightfast pigments, anti-mold and anti-algae additives, silica sand and marble, with a constant grain size of 1.5 mm. Compliant with standards: EN 15457-10 (resistance to fungal growth). EN 15458-10 (resistance to algae growth). Apply as it is on concrete and cementitious plasters.

    Approximate coverage of 2.5 - 3.0 kg / m2.

    European technical approval ETA 08/0354 (ETAG 004 renewed on 17/06/2014).


    SILOX COAT 150 PAULIN, shaved wall covering with a maximum grain size of 1.5 mm, microfiber, with a tonachino effect, resistant to the growth of mold and algae, consisting of siloxane resins in emulsion, light-resistant pigments, anti-mold and anti-algae biocides for the preservation of dry film, silica sand and marble to be applied one coat with a steel trowel and finished with a plastic trowel with an approximate coverage of 2.5 - 3.0 kg / m2 and a thickness of 1.5 mm. European Technical Approval ETA 08/0354 renewed on 17/06/13, thermal insulation system (ETAG 004). Compliant with Standards EN 15457 (resistance to fungal growth) and EN 15458 (resistance to algae growth)

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