Synthetic base-finish based on ferromicaceous oxide.

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  • Synthetic anticorrosive primer
  • Synthetic anticorrosive finish

    Use: For protection from the particular decorative metallic effect, of iron or cast iron items such as gates, railings, gates, flower baskets, etc. Can he? to be applied in two coats directly on clean and degreased iron without the need? of an anticorrosive primer, as it expounds a 26-rsquo; passivating action on the support and a remarkable barrier effect against atmospheric agents.

    Modeà of use: Carefully brush the support to remove rust during detachment and degrease very well with NUBISOLVE. Application possible by brush, roller, spray diluting with the maximum 7 # 37 of PINOSOLVE. Apply two coats of product 24 hours apart.

    Orientation yield 8-10 m2 / l per coat corresponding to 100-125 wet microns.

    WARNINGS: Apply at temperatures of minimum 5° C and maximum 35° C in a ventilated environment; keep away from flames, sparks and heat sources. Do not exceed the thickness recommended for single coat.

    FERRONOTTE PAULIN, Synthetic Primer-Base based on alkyl resins, micaceous iron oxide and zinc phosphate to be applied in two coats with a total indicative yield of 4 5 sqm / liter after preparation of the substrate.

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