High resistance universal one-component satin enamel

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  • High strength and adhesion enamel
  • Special solvent-based enamel

    One-component satin enamel, unsaponifiable, with exceptional adhesion to the most diverse substrates, resistant to industrial atmospheres, all’ water, diluted alkalis and acids, algae and mold.

    Dilute with Universal Thinner DL 600 5 # 37 max for brush and roller applications. Dilute with Nubisolve or Universal Thinner DL 600 5 # 37 for spray applications.

    Coverage: 8-10 m2 / l per coat

    ZINCOLAC PAULIN, Enamel based on modified chlorovinyl resins to be applied, after preparation of the base, with a yield of 8-10 m2 / liter per coat for a thickness of 35-45 microns.

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