Professional anti-rust gel polish for exteriors

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    Superfine anti-rust porfessional gel enamel for exteriors, with strong coverage with excellent characteristics of fullness, expansion, brilliance and resistance to atmospheric agents. Ready all’ to use and apply on appropriately treated funds in one or two coats.

    Coverage: 12-14 m2 / l per coat

    S1 GEL PAULIN, thixotropic antirust synthetic enamel with anticorrosive pigments for high thickness applications. To be applied directly on iron items, after preparation of the base, with an approximate yield per coat of 9 ÷ 10 m2 / liter for a thickness of about 75 dry microns with a resistance to corrosion in saline mist according to ASTM B117, for two coats of product, more than 7 days

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