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  • S1 matt solvent enamel
  • Matt Enamel S1

    Superfine professional enamel for exterior, with a strong covering and excellent characteristics of fullness, expansion, brilliance and resistance to atmospheric agents with a discreet anticorrosive power. Apply to suitably treated surfaces in one or two coats.

    The suggested yield is? of 12-14 m2 / liter per coat corresponding to 40-50 μ m. Recoatable after 24 hours. Application temperature between 5° C and 35° C. Humidity? relative of the 26- # 39; environment lower than & # 39; 80 # 37.

    It is advisable to follow the thickness indicated for single coat. Any higher thicknesses must be obtained with more? subsequent applications. The hands following the first must be applied when the previous hand is? dry in depth? Can lengthening of drying times occur in some application conditions without compromising quality? of the product. In the case of outdoor applications, verify that the surface is perfectly dry.

    Store at room temperature (5° ;, 40° C) in original sealed containers upside down. Keep away from flames, sparks or heat sources.

    S1 OPACO PAULIN, satin-finish synthetic enamel based on modified alkyd resins to be applied, after preparation of the base, with a yield of 12 - 14 m2 / liter per coat for a thickness of 40-50 microns.

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