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  • Satin enamel for exterior
  • Satin S1 solvent enamel

    Enamel can be used as a finish to decorate and protect iron items from atmospheric agents. Easy to apply and high yield.

    To be diluted with Pinosolve 2 # 37 max and applied to surfaces treated in one or two coats.

    The suggested yield is? of 12-14 m2 / liter per coat corresponding to 40-50 μ m. Recoatable after 24 hours. Application temperature between 5° C and 35° C. Humidity? relative of the 26- # 39; environment lower than & # 39; 80 # 37.

    Store at room temperature (5° ;, 40° C) in original sealed containers upside down. Keep away from flames, sparks or heat sources.


    S1 SATINATO PAULIN, satin-finish synthetic enamel based on modified alkyd resins to be applied, after preparation of the base, with a yield of 12 -14 m2 / liter per coat for a thickness of 40-50 microns.

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