Enamels Special Solvents

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Sintetic micaceous oxide and zinc phosphate - based finish base. PURPOSE For the protection of the peculiar metallic decorative texture, for iron or cast-iron elements such as security doors, gratings, vases, etc. Can be applied in two different coats directly on clean iron surface, properly degreased; it doesn not need the previous application of a anti-corrosive base, because of it's itself a perfect and strong barrier for atmospheric agents. PROPER USE: Carefully brush the support in order to remove the flaking off rust and degreased with NUBISOLVE. It can be applied with a brush or roller but also spraying with maximum 7% of PINOSOLVE. Apply two coats of product, 24 hours between each other. Indicative yield: 8- 10 m2/l for every coat, which is 100- 125 wet micron. WARNINGS: Apply at a minimal temperature of +5°C and maximal of +35°C in windy places; keep away from fire, sparks and heat sources. Do not overcome the suggested maximum thickness for each coat.