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Professional Solvent Enamel - Esseuno

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Professional superfine enamel for outdoor use, with high-coverage power and excellent features of plenitude, expansion, brightness and discreet anti-corrosive resistance to atmosfpheric agents. PURPOSE As a decorative and protective finish for manufactured iron articles which have to resist outdoor, easy to apply and high yields. For professional use, in particularl. DILUTION White, bases P, T, D, chart colours maximum 10% with Pinosolve cod. 80100. PROPER USE Apply on properly prepared supports, in one or two coats. The suggestion is: 12-14 m2/litre for every coat, which corresponds to 40-50 μm. The following coat can be added after 24 hours. The perfect temperature is between +5°C and +35°C. Relative humidity: less than 80%. WARNINGS We advice to follow the suitable thickness for evert coat. Eventual superior thickness can be reached after multiple following applications. The following layers can be applied only when the previous base is deeply dry. Sometimes, the drying phase can be extended because of various conditions, without precluding the quality of the product. In case of outdoor application, verify the complete dryness of the surface. Store at moderate temperatures (+5°, +40°) in the original bin, upside-down. Keep away from fire, sparks or heat sources. For further information, check the product's technical sheet.